Paige Lorenze and Her Brand, Dairy Boy - A Story of Nostalgia and Self-Discovery

Paige Lorenze, a young and dynamic creator, is the Founder of lifestyle brand, Dairy Boy

The 25-year-old spent her early and most formative years of her life in Vermont, traveling all over the northeast, but mainly in the mountains, where she was a competitive ski racer and developed a deep love for the outdoors. After graduating from ski school, Paige moved to New York City to attend The New School and earned a degree in design.

While living in New York, Paige naturally merged with the fast-paced lifestyle of New York City and all that it has to offer. As she grew and evolved in the city, Paige began to gain a following of what is now a number of more than a million across her platforms as she shared her fashion, unique content and day-to-day life. As Paige continued sharing her personality and transparency of not always hopping on the bandwagon of certain trends, in this case, drinking anything other than dairy milk, a strong community and her brand, Dairy Boy, was born. What started as a simple catchphrase, "Dairy Girl Summer," between Paige and her supporters, has evolved into a movement celebrating individuality and embracing what makes us happy, even if it goes against the grain of the trends. Dairy Boy is more than just a brand promoting whole milk – it's a celebration of Paige's connection to Vermont, her love for farms, appreciation for sustainable family traditions, her love for life's simple pleasures and the notion that you should be yourself and like the things you like, even when they aren’t deemed “cool” by society or social media. Dairy Boy is a brand with shoppable, tangible pieces that reflect Paige’s beloved lifestyle from her staple denim, to cottage core bedsheets, nostalgic candles and more. While on this journey of tapping into her roots, Paige made the move out of the city and to her cozy, Connecticut cottage where she has brought her followers along for the journey as she’s transitioned from the fast-paced, chic city girl back to the western-esque, wholesome woman she is and has always been.